Qui est Amir?


Amir a été formé de façon classique à l'art spirituel du yoga Kundalini sous les observations étroites d'une multitude de mentors Guru de renommée mondiale et vénérés internationalement pendant 10 ans et il est près de 2 décennies après avoir été un étudiant novice. Amir est maintenant un mentor principal pour des centaines d'étudiants lui-même, ayant travaillé pendant de nombreuses années avec des membres du grand public.

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The 4 Aces

The 4 Practical Pillars of a Peaceful, Prosperous, Authentic and Spiritually Mature Character.

This series of workshops is a moment to pause and reflect on the contemporary issues arising out of the constantly evolving personal and social issues around modern Self identity, crisis, relationships and responsibilities & routines...

The primary approach to this work is based on an experiential exploration of four simple but effective principles comprising themes for deeper inquiry:
Awareness ♠️
Self Authority ♥️
Autonomy ♣️
Authenticity ♦️

Amir presents the material for these workshops in a style of serious and technically accurate, well considered series of Experiments. These experiments are conducted playfully through the lens of self awareness in the laboratory of the body mind, and of course under the close and quiet observation of our higher selfie.

This creates a fun and interesting way to engage with self enquiry and self investigation of the essential nature and notion of the self. We do this in a way that represents an honest attempt to loosen the knot of over identification with old ideas, thoughts, words and actions that are no longer in harmony or alignment with our current Highest Vibration / Resonance.

This work serves to both illuminate and demonstrate the synergy between these seemingly simple principles, as well as  the structured methods that underlie the science & practice of yogic exercise. These workshops assist the participants in developing a personal and practical tool kit for establishing and sustaining a more Peaceful, Prosperous, Authentic and Spiritually Mature Character.



The Fire Dance 

A dynamic workshop designed to fire up your blood, your senses, and your passion for life.  Infusing contemporary music with a combination of simple repetitive yogic exercises to get you moving in many different, fun, and interesting ways.

This is a seriously playful way to get out of your mind; cultivating happiness and at the same time deeply connecting with breath and body. The simple goals of this experimental & experiential workshop are to super charge the blood stream with oxygen, to lubricate the joints to encourage the birth of new, good and healing chemistry, and to have fun learning the basics of movement as meditation.

EXPECT -The best contemporary tribal beats to get high as a kite on prana. Stimulate and open all the nervous and vascular pathways to the brain. Smile, Sing, Sweat, Laugh, Play & Dance until you drop and disappear in to a deep deep Savasana. Awaken revitalized; to a new, better, and happier version of you.



The Divine Romance

Explore the physical and spiritual anatomy of the five major tenants of Kundalini Yoga practice: Pranayama (breathing techniques), Mudra ( special hand gestures), Bhandas (energetic body locks), Static & Rhythmic Asana (physical posturing), and Meditation (the art of focusing ones attention).

The fascinating way in which these disciplines are woven together in the formal practice of Kriya Yoga cultivates a powerful harmonic frequency that flows freely in a majestic figure of eight between the body and the mind giving birth to the observable process of accelerated evolution. 


Yindalini Workshop

A series of contemporary workshops that "Work" to both engage and support the necessary and powerful transformative process of rapid self evolution. In this Series of workshops Amir will explain the subtle, delicate and sophisticated but potent way that his unique style, which he calls - Yindalini Tantra - opens you up to the potential for deep physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation.

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