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Who is Blanche de Marion? 

Blanche de Marion - Yogi Sweta is the Chamonix Yoga Festival organisator



When she heard the song” Warrior of Light” from Lulu & Mischka 2 years ago, that exactly how she feels for this life!!

Blanche her journey on sacred land path when she was very young. She left home at 18 on the road and decide to go with the flow of life and travel the world.

Her life motif was to learn about each person, country, religion, ancestral custom, language, music, ancestral medicine and beyond all of this…

She gets to embark aboard a beautiful path on the river of life

She met a lot of teachers on all forms during her travel.

She dedicated her entire life for the past 20 years to her yoga and gather people around wellbeing. “Life is only a dream, let’s make it beautiful”

She’s been to different yoga lineage (Ashtanga, Flow, Yin, Jivamukti), mediation (Metta,Vipasana, Transandental), Conference on Darhma with the Dalai Lama, and sacred old Mantra in Varanasi with a goddess from there.

She is now based in Chamonix with her 4 years old angel where she has her own yoga studio

Her teaching is a nice blend of all those sacred knowledges she received.


In her Yin & Yang Yoga class you will get some nice vinyasa flow according to the energy of her students at this moment, she includes Krya, meditation and end up with very restorative postures

Her vinyasa Flow class is a combo of dynamic sequences where she loves to bring her students to get out of their comfort zone and find their inner peace into it. She loves to play with partner yoga or Mandala flow

Her Prana flow is meditation in movement with Prana mudra, very slow vinyasa. An invitation to slow down and connect deeply to movement and breath.

Her “Pure Yin” & restorative class is just as Biff Moefter told her and create the sacred space to allow the magic of Yin Yoga to act by itself


In all her classes, Blanche will choose the right music to energize her students if she feels a need ot she will sing some sacred old mantra and play live instrument to allow students a real connection with their “Atma” and approach “Samadhi”


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