Who is Camille Pelloux?


Inspired by Harmony, Nature, Travel & Adventure the universe in which I have evolved has allowed me to discover the world, its cultures, its colors, its landscapes and its flavors. After rooting and reassuring studies in International Management and Visual Communication at ESC GRENOBLE, it took me a brief career in business & health concerns for me to ask real questions. I then changed course and embarked on an initiatory journey to the heart of my soul. I reconverted in 2014 to follow the path of the heart and to live what really nourishes my soul: naturopathy, yoga & creativity. My first training in Naturopathy was in Paris at CENATHO (member school of FENA) and my first Yoga training was in Baja California at the YANDARA INSTITUTE and in London with SHIVA REA. All the teachers who crossed my path, knew how to enrich me in their own way and to make me evolve. I am in perpetual learning. Each month, I am training and I deepen techniques of Cooking, Yoga, Meditation, Naturopathy ... My goal : Accompany to reveal, to welcome, to connect your authentic & harmonious nature (where your potential sits). I

nspire & create sacred spaces of discovery, exploration, teaching and care. Collaborate with nature, the laws of life, beauty in all its forms & the wisdoms of the world to live with Joy & Vitality. Camille ❈

Meet Camille during the Festival:

Discovery of naturopathy: A creative way of life for a fulfilling life full of vitality - Friday 6 July Eat, Move, Breathe, Love, Share.


Naturopathy is a joyful and colorful way of life, which must be used and abused to find, stay and maintain health. What are the tips to put in place daily to have energy? What does it mean to be healthy? Why do we talk about global health or holistic health? What are the good habits to establish to live a fulfilling life at all levels? We will give here many practical advices to approach our life more serenely & to potentiate our so precious health!


Our belly the ally of our well-being: Energy ⍨ Moral ⍨ Immunity ⍨ Stress

The intestine plays a key role in our health and maintenance: 80% of our immune system is localized and it is at its level that are absorbed nutrients and energy necessary for the proper functioning of our body. 95% of serotonin, the happiness hormone is in the intestine. However, repeated exposure to aggressors, certain nutritional deficiencies, stress, illness or an unhealthy lifestyle can disrupt the balance of this system and weaken our body as a whole! It is possible to strengthen it with proper nutrition and naturopathic tips every day.

If you find yourself in the following affirmations this workshop is for you:

Why am I always tired?

I do not get out of allergies ...

I have repetitive infections! I have diffuse pain ...

My transit is not at the top ...

I have acne.

Why do I sometimes / often / all the time feel badly digested?

I feel stressed and hypersensitive!

I have weight problems ...

I play sports intensively.

Learn to better understand how your body works, the impact of your lifestyle and diet on your digestion, your gut microbiota, your immunity & your overall health!

Yoga of flavors: cooking vitality to live in harmony in everyday life or The soul food diet: cooking vitality to live in harmony in everyday life - Sunday 8 July


What is good eating? What do we mean by cooking vitality? What are the keys to eating in the most optimal way in everyday life, without avoiding deficiencies or overloads? How to find the most suitable diet for our constitution and lifestyle? Far from preconceived ideas and fad diets, get to know yourself and feed yourself on all fronts. The challenges: live in harmony and develop your full potential!


Duration 1h30 Conference

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