CocoPilots is a Reggae duo - International Songs that was born in Cambodia in 2017.

Sari is a talented Portuguese artist who sings in five languages ​​with passion and authenticity, the intensity that she infuses into her voice provides strong emotions.

The texts she writes talk about travel, love and positivity.

She is accompanied by Shamo, a French trumpet player for whom improvisation must be at the heart of each performance, thus making it unique and spontaneous.

Since 2019, Shamo uses a loop-station to create live bass and drum loops, bringing the duo the rich sound of a larger group.

Together, these two musicians offer music influenced by the English Soul, Jamaican Reggae and Latin American music.

Original compositions and international covers are always played with emotion, complicity and a touch of humor.

The CocoPilots duo is already strong of several international tours in Europe (France, Spain, Portugal, Germany), in South-East Asia (Cambodia, Thailand, Burma), and in Africa (Morocco, Mayotte), the linguistic dimension of their music is very important with texts in English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and German.

CocoPilots' first EP 6 tracks was released in February 2018 and has already been reissued following its success.

The first album is currently in preparation and will be released in early 2020. You can visit the official website

You can discover CocoPilots music on Spotify or CocoPilots on Soundcloud. You can also see CocoPilots on Facebook and CocoPilots on Youtube.


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