Musical nap for all audiences, solo or in duo.


Played gently and delicately, the instruments produce a very beneficial sound massage to lighten the mind, relax the body and mind and thus allow a better listening and opening to the world around us.

Singing bowls are made to harmonize and lead the listener into what are known as "celestial spheres". They will be the opening support for the musical nap.

The Hang (or Hand - Pan), the Kora (African Harp), the Kalimbas (Thumb Pianos), the Bansuri Flute and the Song will complete the sound universe in order to promote relaxation and rest! Nature and the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, will be supports to guide the listener's relaxation in this space of relaxation.

Duration: 50mn, in a quiet place where it is possible to lie down easily...




Diphonic singing with Martin Dubois:

To be able to harmonize the breath with its natural tempo, to acquire keys that will allow you to unblock certain areas of the body (emotional blockages) with rhythms, breath and voice, that's what I propose: to awaken a new mode of perception!

To come into contact with one's own resources and share them within the framework of the collective; to discover one's own vocal harmonics and to communicate with nature, one's own nature...

Use the natural setting, the stream, the forest, the wind, the echo of the mountains... to better penetrate the worlds of harmonics that exist everywhere around us!

Have fun with different modulations of the voice both rhythmically and harmonically!

Develop your musical ear and sensory perception and for those who are already singing, enrich the timbre of the voice!




Mongolian nomadic shepherds have since the time of Genghis Khan sought to imitate the sounds produced by animals and nature: sheep, horses, water, wind...

They have thus, little by little, developed particular singing techniques: Among them, the Xoomij and the Jajila where the voice emits 2 sounds at the same time (see 3 and even 4 very distinct sounds at the same time!) and becomes a drone that offers a panoply of harmonic melodies. Since then, these songs, called "diphonic songs" have been transmitted over time.

Martin Dubois invites you to discover the basic techniques to enter this universe and immerse yourself in this practice with beneficial effects for the breath, voice, body and mind: Harmonic massages! 

"Akoustik Root, 

a musical dream for all the curious loustiks in the world! »

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