Who is Anouk?

Anouk is an adventurer and a yogi who accompanies people towards the connection to themselves and to the world. By putting herself in emotional resonance with others, she can understand their inner world and offers creative lighting allowing people to love and fully accept themselves.

She organizes international transformation and development courses and teaches meditation and yoga in Biarritz and Bordeaux.

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* A practice of yin yoga to listen to your intuition and connect to the subtle messages of your body. When the mind calms down and the nervous system regulates, you can be more in touch with the deep currents of your soul. A gentle and benevolent practice to soothe you and move forward in your life with more clarity.


"Learn to value yourself"
Do you tend to stay small?
Not to take up too much space for fear of disturbing?
It's time to get out of your blocking patterns to assert yourself in the world and shine!
Life is much better when you realize your own worth!
Anouk Corolleur, personal development coach, offers a fun and participative workshop to transform you from the inside.
If you never think you are "enough" and you exhaust yourself from doing too much, this workshop is for you.


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