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For almost 4 years, she organized and led courses combining naturopathy and yoga with the association Pure Experience, an association which she co-created in 2014 and left in 2018. Also a vegetable cooker, she fed hundreds of bellies during events (art opening, wellness retreats, film preview, yoga festival). What drives it: weaving the link between intuitive feeling, nature, soul, ancestral and rational thought, the modern world, pragmatic life, the body. The essence of her work: Creating bridges. Opening doors. Raising awareness. Feeding hearts. Restart. Sharpen the spirits. Never condemn but always integrate. All in a poetic, creative way, deeply alive and vibrant! "I am a researcher and an adventurer of being, constantly welcoming new knowledge. Naturopathy, Yoga, Shamanism and Poetry are my tools. " Website: Author of Nature Healer for my belly published by Marabout editions Head of training at the Lausanne Higher Professional School of Naturopathy Internships, retreats and circles:

Meet Camille during the festival:

Workshop: Healing nature for my belly

Learn how your body works and the importance of your belly in your development.

The belly is the pillar of our well-being, since it governs our immunity, our morale, our energy, our weight and our food cravings! What influence does our way of life, our stress and our diet have on our digestion?

What does this belly, the centre of our body, tell us about ourselves, our emotions, our ways of interacting with the world?

So let's take a time to breathe, get in motion and share our experiences.

Come and understand some tools offered by yoga and naturopathy to learn how to tame yourself and take care of your being on a daily basis.

This workshop will address the themes of my latest book Nature Guérisseuse pour mon Ventre.

If you find yourself expressing the following statements, this workshop is for you:

Why am I always tired?

I do not get out of allergies ...

I have repeated infections!

I have diffuse pain ...

My transit is not at the top ...

I have acne.

Why do I sometimes / often / all the time feel like

I am digesting badly?

I feel stressed & emotional! I have weight problems ...

I play sports intensively.

Natural digestive fire cooking workshop

This Workshop combining the precious knowledge of Naturopathy in the service of digestion and therefore of optimal vivacity on all levels: physical, emotional, mental.

This workshop follows on from the book Nature Guérisseuse pour mon Estomac that Camille published last November.

How does the body work?

What tips for eating well?

And especially to take care of your belly, your digestion and therefore to be Well?

What magic foods?

What saving plants?

What cooking and preparation techniques should be favored? From lacto-fermented to the use of multicolored spices, we will have fun exploring, understanding and co-creating together.

TALK: Naturopathy & medicine of the elements

Do you know traditional naturopathy? This Western ancestral medicine is a holistic medicine which is based on the symbolism of the 4 elements. Thus, each one by its inheritance, its context of life and its way of life develops specific needs. Discover through this conference what is the energy that inspires you, the habits that could do you good and put back into motion your beliefs that there is only one magic formula valid for all the unique beings that we are!


Circle of Healing Nature

A time of exchange, a space of sharing to reconnect with your interiority, your vulnerability and with your own healing nature through simple exercises of yoga, naturopathy and shamanism to the sound of the drum to learn to reconnect with your deep nature. In many traditions, the full moon gives the opportunity to meet in order to dive inside of Self to observe what is happening there, the emerging emotions, the hidden dreams that we carry, the impressions of the moment that we live in. The ancients evolved as close to the moon as it governs many cycles of humans and nature. The circle of healing nature, it is this proposal, the time of a workshop, to dive together in its interiority, to exchange with sincerity and to go to find in the depths of oneself the treasures to continue the continuation of the adventure. Historically, the year has been punctuated with moments of introspection in order to better tame ourselves and become receptive to our strengths, to messages and to our dreams. The modern world leaves little room for this. The circle is a benevolent space for exchange, listening, travel and encouragement, we all learn from each other, the stories of some echo the epics of others. We are all teachers. These spaces of exchange are surprisingly powerful and really do good. The drum will accompany our journey to the heart of the magic and poetry of the full moon circle.

Who is Camille Pelloux?

Teacher and educational manager at EPSN (Lausanne Professional Naturopathy School). Author of Nature Healer for My Belly, a book published by Marabout (Hachette), Camille is a Naturopath deeply passionate and fascinated by nature, the art of living and the human being. Also trained in yoga (Hatha, Pranaflow & Yin) and shamanism (drum): she embodies her passion through the exploration and transmission of this ancestral knowledge in a creative way (Writing, Cooking, Photography and holistic retreats). Native of the Alps, born from mineralogist globetrotter parents & grandparent farmer parents, she cultivated from a very young age a close link with the land, with travel, with human contact and with ancient knowledge. Her great sensitivity gave rise from childhood to questions and curiosities about traditional medicines and a more global vision of the human being. Initially graduated with a master's degree in International Management (ESC Grenoble, preparatory class for grandes écoles), following health concerns, and at the call of her heart, she turned 20 and turned towards Yoga and Naturopathy. Trained in particular at Cenatho (European College of Traditional Holistic Naturopathy in Paris - Daniel Kieffer course), she enriched her training around the world with great teachers: Churla Flores (Aymara Shamanism), Laurent Huguelit (Drum FSS Shamanism), Irènes Gros-jean (Living kitchen), Françoise Erbolana (gathering of edible wild plants), Craig Perkins (Hatha Yoga), Shiva Rea & Simon Park (Pranaflow), Gwyn Williams (ZenthaiYoga), Marie-Joseph Dreyer (Therapeutic touch). Not to mention, the lessons received during his travels, without a diploma to sell knowledge, but whose experience is firmly rooted in her heart.