Claire thiebaud

Fifteen years ago, Claire move to the West Coast of Canada where she pursued a fulfilling career as a snowboard coach and instructor. During her time there she discovered Yoga and trained with great figures in the yoga World from the Hatha lineage, to Jivamukti, to Restorative Yoga, Indian Mythology and Ayurveda.

Nomad, plural and curious, she feels lucky to combine yoga teaching with exploring the world in which she profoundly feels at home. Today her path continues to lead her to live in different cultures where she keeps sharing and learning practices that influence her teachings.

While her classes reflect the Yoga Tradition, one can also find music from diverse horizons, poetry, story telling, First Nations teachings, universal wisdom and multiple teachings from Mother earth.

This summer she is offering Yoga Hikes in Alsace with her sister, an accredited mountain guide.

She is currently preparing retreats around the world with her friend and yoga teacher Sylvie Mastellone, another lover of life, yoga and the nature world at a global scale.

Together they will hold space in their retreats for deeper self connection and a connection to the simplicity and profoundness of humanity.  They will also make room to explore awareness of the precious connection that unites us with nature through our simple and caring gestures.

Claire firmly believes that the journey of life, with its full spectrum of experiences, emotions and feelings truly is a rich adventure. An adventure in which we travel through the meanderings of our relations, existing with our differences that always offer opportunities to tame and integrate our conscious and unconscious minds and explore the energetical dimensions that we all carry within.


To her, this is simply, yoga.

TRAINING:My beloved teacher Tina Pashumati James (Shantiseva) | “Au service de la Paix” (inspired from Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Nada Yoga,  Bhakti, shamanic and philosophical teachings from the First Nations) Colleen Felgate (Iyengar, Anusara) in Hatha Yoga and Restorative Yoga,  Yoga For Athletes (Sage Rountree)Ayurveda for Women and Indian Mythology  (Natalie Rousseau), Yoga Immersion, Mac Leod GanJ Yogi Sivada (Sivananda, Iyengar, OSho)

Meet claire during the festival:

Shantiseva – Peace in Service (created by Tina.P James)  is a Hatha-based practice of breath, asana, meditation and kriyas, with a strong connection to Canadian First Nations teachings taught with a vinyasa flowing form. 

In order to care for the planet and our relations, we will start with Number One : "Ourself"  We will cultivate Loving Kindness (Metta Bhavana) during our asana practice. We will expand this frequency to all beings in a final seated meditation (10- 15 min)

“Planting the seed for highly conscious living in all facets of life through intention, germination of these seeds through creativity and insight, maturation through experience in action, fruition through sharing with others.”

(Option to bring a journal to write down thoughts, impressions, insights...)

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