Who is Kimanna?

Kimmana Nichols, co-founder of ThaiVedic Yoga Systems, comes from a family of Yogi’s and experienced meditators. Throughout his European tour he will share wisdom from his 17 qualifications and 31 years of teaching experience. So stop wasting your time and energy, and join Kimmana in finding the meditation which is right for you. Personalised meditations are your quickest path to happiness, success and mental peace. 



Meet Kimanna during the festival:

Title: Master your Mind with Tantric Psychology

Description: If you want lasting peace and happiness then mastering your own mind is of primary importance.

The tantric yogi’s of India knew this well and developed powerful ways to both understand and reprogram our minds for success, peace, and enlightenment. 


Title: Meditation for Your Ayurvedic Type

How to Calm Your Mind and Live with Heartfelt Purpose

Description: Everyone across the globe is waking up to the amazing benefits of meditation, and even major corporations are encouraging their staff to meditate because; it improves intelligence and intuition, increases productivity and growth, decreases disease and pain, and eventually even leads us to enlightenment and lasting bliss. This class teaches us why meditation is so powerful, the steps to mastering meditation, and how we can make a practice that is specifically suited to our individual mind and body.



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