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Who is Marion?

Marion is an enthusiastic student and teacher trainer of Prana Vinyasa Yoga, an evolutionary method created by Shiva Rea to embody the flow of nature within life.She is a passionate yogini who loves to inspire others to reach beyond themselves and live lives with greater creativity and joy. Her teachings encourage students to raise their vibration by reconnecting to the inherent rhythms of nature and awaken the flow throughout all layers. As a devoted student and practitioner of Tantric Shaivism she integrates the ancient wisdom of yoga philosophy and guides towards fullness and connectedness. Beside this, Marion is deeply dedicated to holistic health and evokes the healing power within herself and others through mindful touch and Yoga Massage.
Marion is based in the italian alps and offers Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Trainings and courses in bodywork & holistic health in her school in South Tyrol and uproad.

Meet Marion during the  festival

The divine play of creation
Yoga can be understood as the union of polarities. Every breath, feeling and movement is a natural expression of Prana flowing in and through us. If we connect to this inherent flow of divine consciousness and playful creativity we will be able to witness the cosmic dance of life and invite the power of the infinite. Experience a powerful and creative Prana Vinyasa Yoga class to embody the flow of Prana.

Joyful heart
From the center of the great mandala radiates an indestructible drop of consciousness. This sacred bindu is the meeting point between absolute bliss and the universe of your experience, worshipped as a Jewel in the Lotus. In this Prana Vinyasa Yoga class we will connect to this center point and reveal the jewel of your true nature of being. Get ready to expand your energetic field and shine your light

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