Patrice Aubanel and the Heartfulness team

Patrice is one of many certified trainers at Heartfulness Institute.                                                

Passionate about outdoor activities such as mountaineering, climbing or skiing, which he has practiced since he was a child, it was almost thirty years ago that he discovered the dimension of the heart offered by Heartfulness techniques, which gave meaning to his life and nourished all its aspects.

Today, he offers everyone an experimentation with Heartfulness techniques, in particular Heartfulness meditation, whose particularity is to be centered on the heart and to be supported by the Yogic transmission. The Yogic transmission, is an energy that is experienced more than it is described.

Thanks to his support, Heartfulness meditation becomes a tool for healing and transformation: easier absorption into the depths of the heart, a more vivid intuition, clearer ideas, better choices, better time management and a clear reduction in stress.

Heartfulness is part of the ancestral tradition of Yoga and adapts to the aspirations of each individual: it can be summarized as a simple use of punctual or daily techniques, or it can allow the deepening of the philosophy and science of this yoga in the service of the ever-changing heart, or offer the possibility of achieving the ultimate goal common to all yogas, union with the self.

The Heartfulness Institute focuses on providing the general public with a variety of activities aimed at raising awareness and gradually discovering yoga in the service of the heart. These activities are free and shared by volunteers based on the donation ecology model.

Heartfulness techniques are open to all from 16 years of age, without any prerequisites or distinction of practice or level.

Meet Patrice and the Heartfulness team during the Yoga Festival:

To experience Heartfulness, three group sessions are offered, one per festival day.

Although each session can be experienced separately, there is a deep meaning to registering for all three. To dive more quickly into the inner experience, before each meditation the trainer will lead a Heartfulness relaxation.

At the end of the session on Friday 5 and Saturday 6, a conference will be proposed to allow, beyond experimentation, to discover and explore the richness of this yoga. On Sunday, a question and answer session will be offered.

Throughout the festival, the Heartfulness team will be at your disposal on a stand for all information and documentation useful for practice.

"Many opinion leaders today recognize, in the inner universe of the heart, the next field of expansion of consciousness, and thus of human evolution. The heart gives us inner strength, courage and, naturally, compassion, empathy and kindness. »                                                                                                                                                           

Kamlesh D. Patel                                                                                                                                            

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