Who are Danielle and David?


David and Danielle are both Vinyasa Yoga certified teachers and have deepened their studies with international yogis such as Shiva Rea, Simon Park, Maty Ezraty and Cameron Shayne.

In 2012, David and Danielle were introduced to Acroyoga and fell in love with the practice right away. "It left us feeling empowered and wanting more."

They like the way they encourage communication and trust from partners.

In 2015, they deepened their practice in acro yoga and worked with the incredible team of APAC (Australian Partner Acrobatics Convention).

They took a step back in 2016 to give birth to their daughter, who now fills them with a deeper desire to continue their passion. "We are so grateful to share our love for the practice and bring people together to laugh, play and achieve something they once thought they could not do."

Students often think they need previous experience, but it's great what you can do with a burst of inspiration, an open mind and a supportive community! D & D

Meet Danielle and David during the Festival:

 BUDOKON - martial arts, calisthenics & yoga (DAVID)

Mixing two of my greatest passions, martial arts and vinyasa yoga. This has helped me to reconnect with my body by encouraging movement in a challenging, often unfamiliar yet playful way. Budokon is described as “The way of the warrior spirit’, it offers an intense, full-body workout by combining the integrity of martial arts with the strength of calisthenics, the playfulness of animal movement and the fluidity of yoga. 


Budokon is about getting people to remember how they moved as kids, to unearth those instincts. As a kid, you spent all day rolling and running around and rarely got injured, because kids are in tune with their bodies. They are not exercising, they are playing - that’s what Budokon aims to achieve, functional strength from a fluid and playful practice. 


When attending this masterclass, I ask that you completely leave your inhibitions at the door to prepare for the unification of mind spirt & body, the greatest of battles. There will be gorilla walks, leaping leopards & chimpanzee’s, you will explore what your body is capable of if you decide to move freely, without fear. 


 ACROYOGA - yoga and acrobatics (DAVID & DANIELLE)

Join this playful and empowering practice. Partner yoga and acrobatics cultivates trust and community infused with boundless play. This practice gives students the freedom to explore partner acrobatic training techniques, spotting & inversions, flying transitions and static poses. You will be challenged, you will connect with likeminded people, you will learn new skills and most of all we will LAUGH, PLAY and SWEAT together! This workshop is suitable for all levels. No partner required. 

DYNAMIC FLOW - vinyasa yoga (DANIELLE)


Strong, dynamic and creative flow allowing you to move fluidly and intelligently. Exploring the body's capabilities and being encouraged to play to your edge with empowering advanced postures and unique transitions, let the breath guide you. 

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