Dion & Jelena

DION (Australia) is a born rhythm keeper and has spent many years drumming his way around the planet and diving deep into the many cultural Rhythms of the world, and Mother Earth herself. Whether it’s a rocking festival stage, ceremony, chanting circle or yoga class you’re bound to find him holding down the heart beat, intuitively creating a grounded anchoring rhythm for musicians, dancers and movers to fly high! Also an experienced body worker and yoga teacher, the way the human body responds to, and moves with rhythm is a life long fascination and inspiration.

JELENA (Switzerland/Jamaica) landed into this world dancing. After many years exploring the realms of professional dance, choreography and teaching a variety of styles it is her greatest joy to guide people into deeper connection to their body and heart to witness expression of truth. Previously a dance/yoga studio owner her company Dance Away now shares Dance as Medicine all over the world in the form of ceremony, ecstatic dance, workshops and elemental dance/yoga retreats.

TOGETHER Dion and Jelena combine their talents and love to share and inspire with movement and music. Exploring the ancient primal relationship of the Drummer and Dancer their classes, workshops and retreats are a joyful connecting experience of self exploration, open expression and body awareness. Also both yoga teachers their teachings always include an elemental focus, connecting with the rhythm and seasons of the earth in order to connect deeper within ourselves, and each other.


Teaching Ragga in Zurich 




Meet them at the festival!


This can be really great towards the beginning of the festival to encourage people to set intentions ,open and connect. Here we would really focus on the heart chakra and would be a combination of music, movement, individual and group activities.


In this grounding and uplifting movement workshop you will connect deeply with your ROOTS – the earth element – your root chakra, as we rise together.

RHYTHM - With Dions live drumming you will be guided to drop into your own internal rhythm centre. Moving to world beats from slow and meditative, to wild and ecstatic, we’ll be connecting to rhythm with our breath and re-discovering how we can create free flowing organic movement, dance and percussion from the inside-out.

RAGGA - Jelena will be inspiring you into fun and free expression beginning with some movements of her Jamaican roots. Birthed in the Dancehalls booming with Up-Tempo Reggae music this dance with African and Hip-Hop influence will challenge you to move your hips! Activating your vital energy source as we connect and rise up together as one tribe.

With the synergy and connection of drumming & dance we will uplift as a community and Rize Up!


































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