The "Kinder Garden" is the children's area of ​​the festival. It not only allows parents to take full advantage of the different courses and workshops, but also for children to have a great time. Children have the opportunity to play games with a companion, attend shows and discover yoga in a special class.


Our room "children's area" is exclusively reserved for childcare and will be set up at the venue, at the same place as the courses and workshops.


Opening hours for the Kinder Garden:

Friday - Saturday - Sunday: 8h-12h00 and 13h45-18h30 (Sunday 17h30)

Pass Rates (for parents with Pass) € 5 / h
Price for participants (for parents taking part in free classes or single courses) € 8 / h

Show prices: €8 / child - €8/ accompanying

Children's yoga rate: €10 / child

Registration, reservation and payment: at the reception at the Majestic from Friday 30 June
(we are not equipped with a bank terminal)


Yoga for children: 5-12 years

Kids yoga classes 


For children, yoga is a fun activity with many benefits and especially devoid of competitive spirit. Ideal to have fun and relax in a caring environment!

This children's course is built like an adult class by integrating a time of exchange and centring, a time of action (games based on postures) and a relaxation time. But here, every moment is lived as a game where the child evolves in freedom and confidence. She develops her balance, her coordination, her strength and her flexibility ... while laughing!

Children's yoga classes:

Through captivating stories or games, children will discover different postures of yoga so that they develop their bodily awakening and also discover the different emotions and sensations. They will have the keys so that they learn from themselves to channel their energy. During the sessions, the children also learn sharing, mutual aid, respect, listening to each other, compassion, politeness and many other essential values. The sessions are punctuated by dynamic moments thanks to the postures that bring strength, joy and tonicity as well as calm moments of relaxation and concentration thanks to a work of meditation and visualisation.

Children experience the benefits of this daily practice, which calms and soothes them, increases self-esteem, promotes concentration, helps them to relax, cope with stress and develop the deep self to remain a free being. The practice of playful yoga for children is a multi-sensory experience that helps them to be present and centred. Because of its unique connection between body and mind, it allows everyone to reinforce their sense of existence.



Kids show :


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