Géraldine Lethenet

Who is Géraldine Lethenet?

Dancer and artist since childhood, explores the world, the body and the creation as a symbolic ritual. His central research is to touch the essence of life beyond illusion, taking him through a circus injury to yoga, energetic arts and ancestral wisdoms. Gourmet and curious, she is trained in various yoga schools in France and in India, Ayurveda, energy techniques and free dance and expression through body and creation, non-violent communication and exploring wealth. Feminine through various practices. In perpetual research, she is also studying today the putting into words of the taboos of death. Author of several books on yoga and nomadic teacher, the desire to share her experiences and knowledge at the service of the shift of consciousness that the world is going through now leads her to open spaces-time proposing to each to connect to its essence authentically and connect to the world with sincere sensitivity

Meet Géraldine during the Festival:

Yoga Nidra and Crea - Friday 6th and Saturday 7th  July

Deep relaxation and guided visualization

Inconcient space exploration and interior travel

Then moment of symbolic creativity, like a postcard of travel ... Brought back on paper!

Yoga of the 5 elements - Saturday 7th July

Yoga exploration of the 5 elements in ourselves

 In this workshop we will use the tools of yoga, body awareness, sound to stimulate the elements.

Discover him and know how to use them to arm himself in his life with effective tools and enrich his practice on the carpet

Practie for all levels, ranging from the fire energy of the Fire, to the fluidity of the water while passing by the lightness of the air!

A colorful workshop.

Reveal your Shakti - Yoga Dance and Word - Sunday 8th July

From yoga to dance, yang to yin, meet her feminine

From the Amazon to the Goddess, find her rightness

Embody his power and dare his sensitive.

In this workshop we will explore different facets of our femininity ...

The solar and the Lunar, the poet, the saint, the fairy, the sister, the magician ..

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