Who is Gwyn Williams?


Gwyn Williams is a movement based therapist that created Zenthai shiatsu 20 years ago. On the surface, Zenthai is a fusion of Zen shiatsu, Thai massage and osteopathic technique, however beneath is an enriched conversation with an vibrant ever-changing life. The dissolving of division into unity continues to be his inspiration and the aspects of community, connection and contribution are at the core of the practice.

Whilst many have been touched by the therapist programs and the multi layered offerings , the art has evolved to now include a fluid movement based practice known as Zenthai flow.


For the past two decades Gwyn has inspired thousands of students throughout the world with his continually evolving form , which is based around Thich Knat Hahn’s


“ When you touch something with awareness you touch everything “


Gwyn's work can be explored through his books’ The Zen of touch ' and 'Connection to Source”, the website or the Zenthai healing centres in Australia and Bali.




Meet Gwyn during the Festival:

To see it is to free it - a taste of therapeutic bodywork. 


This class is opening up the conversation around loneliness and the inner yearning for all humans to connect in more meaningful and fulfilling ways. Lets courageously look at the ways we disconnect and unconsciously close doors around us. To see it is to free it!! From here we use movement and breath to dive deeper into the moment, and then use our hands as extensions of our heart  to unify and heal. 

   Once we have discovered “ how to touch ‘ ..we can take the next step . A therapeutic flow is offered to improve each others posture by unwinding the protective mechanisms that get stuck in our physical bodies.



Connection to source 


This class is about the interwoven connection between yin and yang , fire and water , doing and receiving . Using nature as a teacher ,we look for the ways we are continuing moving between balance and imbalance in a harmonious flow. This class will give you some great take homes to help you bring an increased sense of vitality and a widened awareness to your life. Solo and partner work involved. 

Lets play 


It is now well documented evidence that explorative movement , a curious nature and a playful presence is not only one of the best remedies for anxiety but also improves the neurotransmitters in the brain. We will explore movement in a therapeutic sense by innately unwinding fascia and diving into new invigorating ways to relate to oneself and each other . Solo asana , animal movement and Qi gong flows . Includes some partner yoga utilising the 5 elements. 


Be a curious and relak..the principles of therapeutic touch 


Zenthai shiatsu is an integration of Zen shiatsu , Thai massage and osteopathic technique .  However , the real magic is understanding the principles of ‘how to touch’. In this class we will be simply swapping the tension for freedom and exploring the subtle and powerful things that give the conversation of touch its pure magic. Great for yoga assists or anyone wishing the tension to release its grip .



Lower back power 


This hinge joint when the lumbar meets the sacrum can be our best friend or our worst enemy . Directly next door is another troublesome partner where all the down forces meet the up forces - the sacral iliac joint. To be our befriend  this area we need to understand it in a structural and energetic way and have an ongoing friendly conversation.

 In this class will be simple and effective asana, creative partner flows and therapeutic bodywork sequences to say hello to the lower back , your new best friend. This stability and flexibility is the primal foundation in allowing free movement and solid grounded relationship with the world around us and within .