Who is Irene?

Born in Barcelona, Irene has been in the air since she was a child.

She started doing gymnastics at a young age and continued learning different circus skills as an adult. She discovered Acroyoga during her travels in 2015 and since then she has been training in Partner Acrobatics and has participated in different acrobatic programs and conventions around Europe.

Living now in Chamonix, she gives classes and workshops in the Region.

Why does she love Acroyoga? This beautiful discipline which combines yoga, acrobatics and thai- massage is a powerful tool for the body and the mind. It helps us to improve our communication skills, gain confidence and trust others while we learn to understand our body and explore our mobility range. And the best thing, sometimes you get to be upside-down!

Rencontrez Irène lors des cours acro yoga pendant le festival!