Clara Roberts

Who is Clara?

Clara Roberts-Oss believes that much of the spiritual practice is about ‘lila’, cosmic play. When we play, we open ourselves to the unfolding while in the process. It is less about the goal and more about the evolution.
Clara has been teaching for 15 years and has been leading retreats and teacher trainings worldwide for the last 9 years. She draws from many different traditions including Prana Flow, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Forrest Yoga and Jivamukti, to create strong, integrated holistic classes. Clara has also studied philosophy with Paul Ortega, Lorin Roche and Daniel Odier. Check out her classes on and website 

Meet Clara during the Festival:

Lunar Nectar (2 hours)

You have heard of surya namaskars, sun salutations, a sequence of poses generally done at the beginning of an ashtanga or vinyasa practiceto heat the body. Did you know there is a sister practice to the sun salutations known as the Chandra/moon namaskars?  The chandranamaskars are meant to calm the nervous system and help create more soma, nectar, in the body. We will begin this slow vinyasa practicewith a pranayama practice to help ground, moving into the moon salutes created by Shiva Rea. The rest of the this juicy practice will focus oncreating an introspective bhav/mood. We will end with a meditation for integration.   This class is the perfect cultivation of the moon'ssoothing lunar energy. All levels welcome.



The Muse of Creation (2 hours)

There are many ways to tap into our own creative energy. One of the most powerful ways I’ve found is through movement, specificallyvinyasa yoga. Join me for a creative fluid vinyasa practice courting our internal muse. In the Hindu pantheon of gods, Saraswati is thegoddess of creation. I call her the muse of creation. We call upon this archetype when seeking inspiration to create and manifestideas/projects/art/learning. She is known as the goddess of music, the arts, speech, education and science. Join me for a sadhana, practice, toconnect to our inner muse.


Durga's Tiger (2 hours)

Durga, the warrior, goddess of strength, vision, adaptability and equanimity. She is the archetype within us that we call upon when we needto channel any/all of her characteristics. Join me for a fiery vinyasa practice geared to connecting to our own strength and cultivating astrong drishti (vision/gaze). 

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