Lara Zilibowitz


Qui est Lara?

Lara est un professeure de yoga et une artiste internationale qui se passionne depuis longtemps pour l'expression corporelle.

Le mouvement et la créativité ont été sa quête et elle se réjouit de pouvoir partager cette alchimie intérieure avec ses étudiants.

Lara est cofondatrice de Back2Roots Retreats et assistante principale de Shiva Rea, pionnière de vinyasa Flow.

Elle est devenue réputée pour son style d'enseignement fluide et dynamique, composé d'une prose poétique sincère, invitant les étudiants à savourer la texture de chaque sensation et la saveur de chaque respiration comme un portail vers la révélation et la méditation en mouvement.

Rencontrez Lara pendant le yoga festival: Ses cours sont enseignes en anglais

The Infinite Body: A Mandala Masterclass
with live music

According to ancient yogic philosophy, the mandala symbol represents the connection between microcosm and macrocosm, where the body is the link to the whole universe and practices centred around the body are a gateway towards experiencing that flow of nature inside.

Join Lara and Benny for this full-spectrum pilgrimage, incorporating slow-simmering vinyasa accompanied by a soaring live soundscape of voice and guitar, to embody the great truth that what is out there, exists also inside: breath, blood, muscles and bone are of the earth; they are the air, rivers, animals and minerals inside, not separate from, but the same.

By meditating on the body as nature, our attention is drawn to the foundations of existence and our place within the cosmos, where our yoga practice can become a call for conscious connection with ourselves, and the world around us.

Full Body Listening: Yin and Sound Journey
with Lara & Benny

Get ready to embark upon an illuminating journey through the senses as we turn the body into one big ear. To learn to listen, not just with our external ears, but to turn every cell into an organ of perception, as we start by listening to the external music and then follow those impulses into the symphony alive inside of us.

This deep dive into the bliss body is a call for conscious connection with ourselves as we learn to inhabit our bodies in a profound way. Through deliciously deep yin postures and paired with a transcendental live soundscape of voice and guitar, you are invited to savour the texture of every sensation as a gateway towards deep rest and realisation.

This will be all juicy hip and heart medicine paired with spine-tingling sonic acupuncture, as we learn to be a space holder for our most intimate experiences, perhaps getting to know ourselves on a scale previously never thought possible.

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