Who is Mira?


Mira Jamadi is the founder and director of Divine Alchemy Yoga School, a vinyasa yoga teacher training. She was trained mainly by Shiva Rea in California. In her practice and teaching, she integrates the notions of Ayurveda, Western Alchemy as well as direct observations of life. It is a great pleasure to participate in the festival for the first time.

Rencontrez Mira pendant le festival:

# 1 range of motion

During this Vinyasa session, you will experience your range of motion by applying the five Vayus, or directions of movement of Prana (universal energy). This Vinyasa session was built to be able to experience how these universal directions create yoga postures and movement. We, those who practice yoga, only have to activate these directions in us in order to let the yoga postures emerge from our body - instead of imposing a posture on our body.


# 2 Vinyasa - Breathing in motion

When we talk about the breath in yoga, we often have the notion of our own breath - how to breathe, sitting or moving, how to apply breathing techniques to be more effective in yoga practice or even in everyday life.

The practice of yoga is not only about the experience of oneself, the individual, one's own breath, but also of the experience of life in general. When we speak of breath, we also speak of breath or general respiration.

During this session, you will experience personal breathing as well as universal breathing. What are the implications of a universal breath in the practice of Vinyasa? The answer to this question will give you a broader and deeper view of your Vinyasa practice.


# 3 Tadasana in each asana or How to move forward with strength and integrity in your practice

True strength and power is created in a yoga practice that is precise, centred and humble.

Instead of being preoccupied with the yoga spectacle - advanced postures, sometimes acrobatic - it is better to focus on strengthening and softening the centre of the body, speaking asana, Tadasana.


In this course you will approach your postures with the principle “Tadasana in each asana” in order to cultivate a strong and lasting structure to be able to evolve with confidence and durability in your vinyasa practice.

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Mira Jamadi