Mona Lisa Godfrey

Who is Mona?

Discovering yoga in her early twenties, Mona Lisa Godfrey, RYT E-500, is passionate about utilising the ancient wisdoms of yoga and meditation as a platform to create meaningful change in our modern world. Originally from the former USSR (Riga), Mona relocated to Sweden with her family at the age of five, and began learning English as her third language at an international school in Stockholm. In her mid teens, she and her family relocated once again, this time to Orange, California. 

The constant movement of her childhood bred an unwavering draw to change and an insatiable hunger for different cultures, exploration, and travel. In 2013, Mona spontaneously resigned from her position as regional studio director for The Yoga Mat OC locations in California, and with one rucksack, set out on a two-year self-study through South East Asia and Oceania. She attributes her courage to follow her heart’s wild calling to the power of the practice.

Meet Mona during the Next Chamonix yoga festival!

Workshop/Class #!: Summer Time Detox 


Gift your body and internal cleansing with this invigorating workshop - specifically designed to assist the body in detoxification and rejuvenation.  This workshop will begin with a rigorous and challenging flow, sequenced to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems. The second part will be followed by twists and inversions that assist the body in elimination of toxins and metabolic waste. We will finish with some restorative postures and mindful-breath work - observing and releasing outdated thought patterns – leaving us feeling refreshed and ready for our beautiful summer days. Due to the nature of this class, this workshop may not be appropriate for complete beginners or anyone working with rehabilitating injuries. Please contact the teacher with questions or concerns.
“When we rid the body of destructive thoughts and toxins, we allow for greater absorption of nutrients and a brighter outlook on life.” 


Workshop/Class #2: Chakra Anatomy


Travel beyond the physical and tap into the energetic fields (chakras) in your Yoga Practice. In this workshop you will be introduced to the seven (primary) chakras, guiding you through visualisation, asana, pranayama, and mantras.

Chakras can be understood in its most subtle levels as energy centres, but it can also be experienced in a transformational way giving you tools for a life that is grounded, connected, and filled with joy. When Prana (life force/breath) is not flowing properly to these areas of our being, aches, pains, illnesses and emotional stress can come about. We’ll explore each chakra and how certain yoga postures and sounds can assist in the movement of prana into these centres, facilitating wellness and balance in our bodies and day-to-day lives. This workshop is both asana and (very) light lecture based (feel free to bring a notebook and pen). Open to all levels, with some

Workshop/Class #3: Practice with Purpose & Intention


Sanskrit ekāgratā, एकाग्रता) is a Buddhist term translated as "one-pointedness" or "concentration". Learning how to steady the mind and focus on one point can be profoundly power and can help shift the way operate in our day to day lives, particularly when it comes to long term intention or goal setting. Join Mona Lisa Godfrey for a guided practice with an emphasis on ekāgratā - gain tools through mindful movement and breathing that will help you keep your physical body, mind, and daily actions aligned with your heart’s desires.

Mona has launched and directed various studios and retreat centres in the US, Australia, and Indonesia. She is currently residing in London, where she leads group classes, workshops, teacher trainings, and retreats. You can also find her online - on Dedicated to teaching with a commitment to the ancient traditions of yoga, Mona believes that with discipline and enthusiasm, the practice has the power to raise the vibration of the collective, starting from the inside, one awakened heart at a time.

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