Noelle Collonny


Who is Noelle?

Meet Noelle durig the yoga festival:


Harness the subtleties of the energetic body to defy gravity and move fluidly through space in a powerful and inventive practice. Suitable for all levels. 


Carve through a voluptuous sequence that melts the body open with delicious hip openers and prepares the body for deep, long holds. Move from pose to counter pose, in a full spectrum experience that will leave you feeling centered, whole and extremely relaxed. Suitable for all levels.




Urdhva Dhanurasana – full wheel pose – is a brilliant front body opener that energises and elevates your mood and instantly brings you to a deeper connection to your breath. The asana reveals the power of your prana, leaving it’s residue on your heart, mind, and body.  Join Noelle Connolly for The Wonder of Wheel, a workshop that explores full wheel. We’ll examine how to correctly set the arms and legs to avoid external rotation, use tools such as blocks and straps to help maintain the integrity of the pose, and build slowly and progressive to prepare the body for this spacious, spine lengthening experience.  

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