Prema Mayi is a native of Chile, and Lived there until the age of ten.

Her parents and three brothers migrated to spain and france, where their spiritual journey took a significant turn.

Coming in contact with a Bhakti yoga ashram in france, they decided to leave behind their lives and embrace a new way of love and dedication that harmonized the journey of the soul in this human experience.

she studied some of the arts of vedic culture, such as drama, dance, kirtan, mantra meditation, and the philosophy of bhakti. through the extensive years of practice, she developed a strong relationship with kirtan. chanting mantras as a musical expression, a way of glorifying god and goddess and our existence in this divine love affair.

the practice began at 4:00AM, dancing and chanting; entering the day as a sacred offering.

she studied for many years under the guidance of her spiritual master, Srila Bhaktivedanta Narayan Maharaj, Traveling to India on Pilgrimage for many years, Deepening in the realms of love and devotion,

discovering the power this sacred sound vibration, kirtan, offers, she now travels around the world with her sons, sharing a transformational experience and connection to divine source. 

Eric Archer is a musician, visual artist, teacher, and poet drawing inspiration from nature and its bounty. He has performed and taught in varying settings in the United States and in Europe, and is happy to call the Hudson Valley of New York his home. Exploring collaborations as diverse as americana, trip-hop, kirtan, folk, meditative, celtic, ambient, and Indian-classical, Eric aims to continually expand his own sounds and tastes to offer a unique feel to the universal language.  

Eric has taught and played music at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies as the Bard/Musician-in-Residence, and as a staff-instructor. He was also one of the Innkeepers of the historic Sunnybank Inn in Hot Springs, NC -- a focal point within the tradition of Southern balladry, Appalachian roots music, and Scotch-Irish folk songs. Eric continues to collaborate with Prema Mayi and Radharani on their mantra music fusion, and accompany Biff Mithoefer in his Yoga Teacher Trainings -- pairing music with these deeply meditative and educational settings. Eric is a tabla student of Sri Suryaksha Desphande of the Farrukhabad Gharana, and a bansuri flute student of Grammy-Award winner Steve Gorn. Eric synthesizes these eclectic musical threads into a sound that is at once both traditional and modern.  


Eric's visual art is a hybrid of natural, found, and recycled materials channeled into wall sculpture through the human touch. Wood carving and painting has become his language and voice.  By allowing natural and organic shapes and processes to guide his work, he allows these patterns to speak first, drawing the viewer into a sense of curiosity and wonder.  Eric's spoken word poetry is a linguistic expression of his musical and artistic passions, and has flowered from his love of teaching meditation, exploring the question, "Where does guided meditation end, and spoken word poetry begin?" Through the use of imagery, self-inquiry, visualization, and metaphor, Eric guides listeners through an experience of collective in-sights, heartbeats, and felt breaths.

Meet the beautiful duo Prema  & Eric during the next festival kirtan Bhakti introduction poetry 

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