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Who is Roland Granottier?

Roland discovers yoga late with a nice meeting with Katy Misson. After a first yoga class, he had a revelation for his body and mind and changed the course of his life: He abandoned a senior management position in marketing and training in yoga, first with Noah Maze and Amy Petty (YogaMazé) then Katy Misson (Satiam Yoga).


A teacher at Satiam Academy, a company coach and the father of two young children, Roland is passionate about sharing this passion for yoga and life with as many people as possible: whether in the studio, in a company or with the youngest!


One goal: to help everyone live in harmony and unleash their full potential!

A philosophy: "Be the change you want to see in the world"!

Web sites :

Meet Roland during the festival:

"Yoga & Sounds

Martin Dubois (musician) and Roland Granottier (yoga teacher) invite you to share a beautiful experience: yoga practice accompanied with"live" music .

Roland will guide you in this Yoga practice in his style combining strength and softness, movement and anchoring.

Martin will make you vibrate to the sounds of his instruments! Hang, Kora (African Harp), Kalimbas (Thumb Pianos), Bansuri Flute or song will transport you to a sound universe favoring the relaxation of body and mind for a better listening-opening to the world around us.

Program: Meditation, Yoga practice, Mantra song.

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