Qui est Sélina Gulery?


« Depuis que le bonheur a entendu ton nom,

il a couru les rues essayant de te trouver… »



Selina Gullery (ERZT-500, YACP) est professeur de yoga et de méditation de renommée internationale, cuisinière intuitive et amoureux de la vie. Elle est dédiée à la voie du yoga, comme moyen d'expérimenter la vie avec émerveillement et ravissement continus.

Elle transmet ses connaissances à travers du mouvement, de la poésie, de la musique et de la méditation en pleine conscience, avec perspicacité et passion, en s'appuyant sur des décennies d'étude et de pratique personnelle.


Dans ses formations d'enseignants, lors d'ateliers et de festivals, en cours et en retraite, elle encourage la croissance de ses élèves, en cultivant l'amour de soi, en embrassant les imperfections et en demeurant dans la douce force du Soi supérieur.

Selina enseigne en anglais et en francais.

Rencontrez Selina pendant le Festival:

Diving Deep (yoga, breath work, meditation)


"Late, by myself, in the boat of myself, 

no light and no land anywhere, cloud cover thick. 

I try to stay just above the surface, 

yet I’m already under and living within the ocean.”



Venture beneath the surface and delight in your own inner ocean!


Using techniques from modern and ancient teachings, we will learn to listen and be with our breath, observe how movement emanates from the breath and rejoice in the beauty of it all!


Yoga asana, breath work, meditation and music form a symphony to guide you through this class and leave you feeling you have reached a new shore of your being, discovered unknown depths, maybe even your own inner treasure chest at the bottom of the seas…

The world with in us - Workshop for Women


“I am the wind across the sea

I am a dewdrop let fall from the sun

I am a fire on every hill

I am a shield over every head

Who but I is the tree and the lightening that strikes it?

Who but I is the dark secret of the dolmen not yet hewn?

Who knows the currents of the moon?

Who knows the path of the sun?”

  • from The Song of Aimhirghin


Shakti is the energy manifest in all things. To deeply connect with our full potential, we need to make friends with ourselves, love and completely inhabit our bodies, love and understand our emotions as they arise and move through us, as Shakti energy - divine and unique to each of us.


In this workshop, especially designed for women, we be using the power of the circle, getting together as women, to understand ourselves and others better and then move through our lives with a deeper sense of calm and belonging.


Please bring an object that is special to you for our altar.

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