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Senior Teacher @ The Celtic School of Yoga


"Depuis que le bonheur a entendu ton nom, il a couru dans les rues en essayant de te trouver ..." Hafiz

Selina Gullery, B.A. (E-RYT 500, YACP) est considéré comme une «enseignante» d'enseignants et suit le chemin du yoga depuis plus de deux décennies.

Ses cours reflètent son amour pour le mystère de la vie, son enracinement dans la mythologie et la poésie de son pays natal, l'Irlande et le pur ravissement d'être vivant, en harmonie avec la musique de notre souffle et les rythmes de la vie.

Elle enseigne depuis 1997 et détient des certifications de nombreuses écoles, dans de nombreuses traditions.

Elle a sa propre école de yoga offrant des ateliers, des cours et des formations de professeurs à l'international.

Elle se sent plus connectée lorsqu'elle est dans la nature et explore le lien inextricable du corps et de l'esprit avec les paysages et la terre. C'est ce sens du monde naturel qu'elle tisse poétiquement dans ses cours de yoga et ses méditations, permettant à ses élèves de se connecter de la même manière, de raviver la force vitale de l'amour, car elle détient l'espace pour que leur beauté intérieure s'exprime. Pour plus d'informations sur Selina, voir:

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Classes in English and French


  • Our invisible geography (posture, breath, meditation)


“Close your eyes. Fall in love. Stay there.” Rumi


We are made of stardust - products of love, and hold the universe inside of us. Modern science reveals now, what the ancient yoga scriptures have been telling us for millennia. Join Selina on an inward journey through the invisible geography of your body through yoga asana, ancient yoga breathing techniques and meditation.


  • Embodying our inherent Beauty (Workshop for Women) 


In a world, where women have taken on so many tasks, become so adept at doing everything, juggling job, household, children and workout routines and simultaneously being exposed to a notion of beauty that has us wanting our faces to be wrinkle-less and our body moulded, we often forget that true beauty lies within. That we do not need to compare, succeed and take on left-brain notions of linearity and reason, but rather remember that our role here on the planet is to trust the female qualities of intuition and fluidity and ground ourselves in the knowledge that we can relax into just being.


Using the female archetypes, the first moulds from which we are formed, and special practices to balance our hormon centres, we will strengthen the belief in ourselves, discover parts of ourselves that might have been shrouded and experience and express an inner wholeness from where we can create balanced change in the world we touch.


Yoga asana, dance, group work, meditation, yoga nidra.

  • The Breath inside the Breath


“The breath arises out of stillness, expands, condenses, and returns to this ground of stillness. Oscillation is an intrinsic part of life and all movements.” (D. Farhi)


Prana (the life force), Ayama (freedom or pause) is often interpreted as Prana (the life force) and Yama (to control). Yet, when we study the ancient texts on breath, we understand that in fact breathing practices are not to control the breath, but rather to enter into relation with it and explore the pause between the breaths, where the ineffable resides. To enter into the “ground of stillness” time and time again. And it is here that we experience an inner alchemy that can lead to transformation and gentle release of patterns that no longer serve our highest selves. We place, so to speak the quiet loyalty of our breath on the altar of every new moment. Both body and mind enter a deep state of balance. From here we can access the wellspring of deep inner calm.


Poetry, movement, pranayama and meditation.


With live music by Daphne Tse.