Who is Tapashi Devchoudhury?


Born in a Hindu Brahmin family amidst the serene valleys and rolling hills of far Northeast India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas very early in her life by her father, while her mother passed on the wisdom of ancient Hindu philosophies, and the subtle meanings of Sanskrit shlokas and mantras. In course of time, she took to meditation. She later followed a TTC in traditional Hatha yoga at Yoga Vidya Gurukul – a classical Indian Ashram, and has since followed numerous workshops and trainings to deepen her understanding and practice.


Tapashi offers regular Yoga classes as well as sessions of Mantra chanting & meditation in Goa, where she lives during the winter. She brings the wisdom of her ancestors into her classes in a way that is accesible to the modern body and mind.

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Pranayama and Meditation - Every morning

The breath has been called the connection between the gross physical existence and the subtle conscious, that fills our bodies with the vital life force, Prana. However, harnessing the power of this vital Pranic energy for higher purposes is easier said than done. This workshop brings forth the essence of pranayama and secrets of Yogic breathwork, along with some ancient Hindu techniques for experiencing the power of Pranayama in the daily life.

Hindu philosophy- 


Unlike a heavy talk on philosophy, this is a story-telling of lores from ancient India, revealing secrets of Hindu mythology with its numerous Gods & Goddesses. Stories from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata (which includes the Bhagavad Gita) as well as other tales illuminate the hidden symbologies in the Hindu culture and some philosophical gems, including Advaita (non-dualism).

Mantra - 


This workshop is an introduction to the energy of ancient Hindu sounds, and using these powerful Mantras in meditation in stillness as well as in motion. It begins with a precise guide to the Sanksrit alphabet and phonetics, followed by simple but potent Mantras with explanation of the meaning and philosophy. It ends with a group chant which allows everyone to truly experience the energy of sound from inside.

Subtle energy activation with Mudras and Bandhas -

Delving deeper into the essence of Mudras (gestures) & Bandhas (locks), this workshop is aimed at activating subtle energy channels in the body. The introduction to some simple ancient techniques allows the unmistakable experience of the power of Mudras & Bandhas and application to common asanas. This workshop is for those looking to deepen their practice of yoga and connection with the subtle energy channels.

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