Who is Tapashi Devchoudhury?


"Born in a Hindu Brahmin family in Northeast India, Tapashi was introduced to asanas by her father, and the wisdom of Vedic mantras and ancient Hindu philosophies by her mother very early in her life. The ancestral teachings of oriental philosophies and a fascination towards the human consciousness led to her exploring deeper connections between the body-mind and consciousness. She 

In the 'Movement Medicine' practice, Tapashi leads a meditative and fluid session of conscious movement, blending traditional hatha yoga with Tai-chi and Qi Kung. Tapashi believes that 'Yoga' cannot be taught, it can only be experienced. Her classes intend to make this experience accessible.

Tapashi is also available for private treatments (theta self-healing, trauma release, coaching and consultation) on reservation." 


Meet Tapashi during the Festival

Movement Medicine
Active session (90 mins)
This session is intended to take you on an inner journey - bringing you deeper in connection to yourself through conscious movement. Tapashi guides you into meditative movements that tap into the subtle energy channels of the body and help release stored trauma from the fabric of the body, releasing energy blockages, old trauma and emotional patterns. Powerful vedic mantra chanting and yogic breathwork during this finely curated practice goes into exploring one's innate ability to heal from deep within.



Mantra mandala
Seated practice (60 mins) - mats and bolsters required
Sacred hymns from the Rig Veda (oldest Hindu scripture), healing sounds and soul songs from ancient India.



Dhaarana - why the world needs it so much today
Talk + seated meditation (75 mins)

Dhaarana or focussed attention is the gateway to the subtler limbs of the 8-limbs of Yoga. The sessions begins with a talk about the what, why and how of 'Dhaarana', followed by a guided meditation to practice reaching into subtler realms of consciousness through focussed attention.

Nidra Yoga (preferably after 'Dhaarana' session)
Passive meditation (60 mins) - mats and blankets required
Nidra Yoga is the yoga of conscious sleep. The techniques of meditation used to balance the two elements of this meditation – conscious relaxation and deep concentration – trigger a super-conscious state of being, a spontaneous meditative state. Expect to be guided into a powerful self-connection and deep relaxation through this form of practice.