Formation Zenthai Shiatsu
Une technique de massage unique!
avec Gwyn Williams
7th - 10th July 2020


Lower Back Therapeutics - a four day workshop 


The hinge joint where the lumbar meets the sacrum can be our best friend or our worst enemy . Directly next door is another troublesome partner where all the ‘down forces’ meet the’ up forces ‘- the sacral iliac joint. To be our befriend this area we need to understand it in a structural and energetic way and have an ongoing friendly conversation.


 In this four day class we will address this  issue utilising a variety of approaches. Yoga asana , primal movements , chi gung and therapeutic zenthai fluid flow will be offered in the solo morning classes to bring your lower back alive. The remaining part of each day will be exploring  therapeutic bodywork sequences with each other to deal with lower back pain and to allow and ongoing harmonious relationship  . 

      The take home therapy will be to sustain stability and flexibility in this primal and foundational part of our structural and energetic bodies .  There will be a big welcome sign for the fresh free movement and solid grounded relationship with the world around us and within . 

Schedules from 7th-10th July


7th-10th July


  • 6.30-8am -meditation and yoga 

  • 8.30-10 am session one

  • 10.30-1.30 pm session two 

  • 2.30-4.30pm session three

TARIFS / PRICES: 580 euros


  • l'hébergement en chambre partagées de 2 ou 3 pers

  • repas matin et midi.


  • Accomodation (shared room) 

  •  meals (Breakfast & Lunch)